About Me

My Name is Benjamin Stiegeler

This is me!

My name is Benjamin Stiegeler. I am 25 years old and live in Switzerland.

Currently I’m working fulltime as an Automation Engineer for a living, while doing art in my spare time.

As a young amateur artist I specialise in drawing animals, backgrounds and some humans. Apart from this I would like to animate cartoons as well.

I’m constantly striving to improve my art skills with the goal to someday attend an art school.

Thank you for taking your time to checkout my work!

If you like my works of art, share this website and or commission Art from me! 

Your help is highly appreciated!

All the images provided on this website are, property of Benjamin Stiegeler. Do NOT! use any images or drawings for commercial use without an explicit agreement with Benjamin Stiegeler.

Feel free to use the photographs or drawings as inspiration or references.
If you do so, please give proper credit and share the link to the website (benjsart.com) in your post.

Also if you want to, you can @me on social media posts, I’d love to see the results!